The Music Industry's Most
Durable CD Dividers!

Organize and find your CDs fast with the original DiscDivider!
Don't waste time searching your entire CD or CD-ROM collection looking for that one CD that you're really in the mood for. By using DiscDividers and the printed labels, you can organize your CDs alphabetically, by music category or create your own system with blank labels. Each package contains 12 divider cards and a full set of labels.

Super-durable dividers
Plastic CD dividers won't bend or tear (unlike cardboard). Use 12 dividers to cover the entire alphabet (doubling up on letters with WXYZ on one tab) or organize by 12 music categories of your own choosing.

They work with almost any storage method
Dividers fit neatly between CD jewel boxes — only the small tabs show. Use them in an upright position for drawer-type CD storage units. See our schematic for exact dimensions. Actual divider size is the same as a CD box (plus tab).

Loads of labels included
Printed vinyl adhesive labels cover the alphabet (twice) and 32 music styles. Blank labels let you create your own index system. The surface is easy to write on and you can even label both sides of the tabs.

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